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60s Costumes Ideas

Do you dream of being a hippie? Or looking like Jackie-O? It sounds like the 60s are right up your alley. Perhaps you’ve been invited to a costume party or want to be an icon of the era for Halloween. Here are some tips for your 60s costumes to make you stand out.

The 60s was a decade for the legs. Mini skirts, babydoll dresses, and go-go boots emphasized women’s legs as her most attractive assets. For men, bell-bottom jeans were starting to come into fashion, as well as everything paisley and psychedelic-printed. Colors came into clothing like they hadn’t in decades. Women had bouffants, and men had long mop-tops. And it wasn’t just the women wearing the bright colors – men’s suits were also available in jewel tones, with loud, wide ties.

For many in their 20s and 30s now,...

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