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The Go-Go Girl 60s Costumes

60s Costumes: Dress Up Ideas to Mimic the 60S

The 60s costumes would be a great way to dress up for the Halloween, theme party, or just to look fashionable in the 60s way. The drastic change and revolution that characterized this era also gave birth to varieties of fashion styles to mark the era. There’s a whole list of 60s fashion ideas to choose from, keep reading…

Male Hippie

A great way to create the male hippie of the 60s is to wear long hair. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be your natural hair, a long wig from a costume or local thrift store can make up for short hair. If your hair is already long, wear it down. Wear ripped-up and shabby jeans, matched with button-up shirt. Don’t forget to wear aviator shades to complement your male hippie look...

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