How to Find or Make 60s Costumes that are Perfect for Your Occasion

How to Find or Make 60s Costumes that are Perfect for Your Occasion
60s costumes are fast becoming popular again in the 21st century. These costumes and clothes are available in more modern and attractive styles and shapes, making them suitable for wide range of occasions. Keep reading to learn how to find or make 60s clothes that are perfect for your own situation.
Visit Your Local Vintage or Thrift Stores
Stores that sell used clothing items or “decades” clothing items are good places to start your search from. Some clothing stores offer specifically curate vintage dresses from past decades such as 60s, 80s, 90s, 50s, and 20s.
Here are some tips for searching in vintage or thrift stores;
·    Research the style and brand of a clothing item to find out how authentic it is in terms of the decade it was made or used. Alternatively, you can get the help of a vintage expert in authenticating the decade of the clothing item.
·    Explore estate sales, flea markets, garage sales and similar sales spots for decade clothing items.
Go Online
The internet has made virtually everything easy, including shopping. One of the best and easiest ways to find the perfect 60s costumes for a themed party, Halloween or other occasions is to go online. Tons of private sellers offer vast arrays of 60s clothing items as well as clothing items from other decades.
Also, these private and individual sellers advertise their vintage and decades’ clothing items on big retail sites such as eBay. You can find something very appropriate for your 60s dressing on such online marketplaces. The best part is that some of the online clothing stores re-design retro styles and vintage clothing items into more modern and very appealing designs.
Sew from the Scratch
Another great option is to sew your 60s costumes from the scratch. You can also do this for your 60s accessories. In fact, this is the best way to customize your sixties fashion and include the features you have in mind for your sixties fashion statement.
When making your own clothing items for 60’s attire, go for earth tone and floral patterned fabrics. Then, follow sewing patterns for your desired sixties clothing items, such as mini-skirts or bellbottoms.
Retro sewing patterns may be available in a number of fabric stores. You can also go online to check stores that sell authentic vintage clothing items and patterns from the sixties. Some antique malls are also great places to check.
Alter Your Existing Clothes
First, decide on the 60s costumes or fashion you want to replicate. Subsequently, you can modify or alter existing clothes to achieve the specific 60s look. For instance, you can bead the hems, integrate patches or embroidery.
And, to transform an existing pair of pant into a bellbottom in order to create 60s costumes, simply cut the seam that runs external of the calves and integrate a piece of fabric cut in triangular pattern.