60s Costumes

Even if you don’t remember the 60’s, a 60’s theme party can be a lot of fun. FunWirks has some of the best 60’s costumes in the world for you to choose from. The 60’s were all about being “Mod” and they have the selection to make you fit in from head to toe! In addition to a great selection of 60s costumes women will love, they also have the 60’s costumes for men that will make you look great as a real mod couple. Nothing could be more 60’s than Sonny and Cher and with the 60’s costumes that reflect the couple’s most popular time, you are certain to be the most popular couple at the party. Or at least the most recognized one! The costumes include a rainbow lame shirt, bellbottom pants, and gold belt.


In addition to a great selection of 60’s costumes, FunWirks also has the accessories you need to complete every look. The mod bangles and earrings work with each costume to give it the perfect finishing touch. There are numerous wigs that work with the 60’s costumes women will love to wear including the Barbie Wig, Princess Wig, an outlandish Beehive Wig, Mod Girl Wig, Cher’s Long Black Wig and much more. When choosing shorter 60’s costumes, women can also select Mod Swirl Leggings, Mod Square Leggings, or Go Go Tights to wear underneath for added color and coverage.


When choosing 60’s costumes for men, you have a choice of accessories to complete their look. Sonny wouldn’t be Sonny without his famous haircut or mustache. He will also need the Groovy Guy Wig to complete any of the 60’s Beatles costumes. FunWirks offers 60’s costumes for men that will coordinate great with all the 60’s costumes for women so that you can easily go dressed as a couple without limiting your individual choices. He can also choose from the red, blue or green British Explosion Costumes and go to the party as his favorite Beatle while you wear the British Flag Costume.


If you have always wondered what it would be like to be a Go Go Girl, the 60’s costumes from FunWirks include great choices such as the traditional black and white checkerboard Go Go Girl Costume with the hat, belt and dress. You can also choose mod prints for 60’s Costumes women can make a bold statement in like the That Girl costume. This groovy go-go dress will have people asking “who’s that girl?” This is a two-piece costume with sleeveless mini dress with a key hole cut-out and matching headband.


Go to www.funwirks.com to find the best selection of 60’s costumes for men and women and start planning a great retro celebration. FunWirks simply has the best collection of 60’s costumes in the world and everything you need to complete the look. Shop conveniently from home and avoid the crowds and the mess at the local costume shop. You won’t find a better selection of costumes anywhere in person or on the web! Order now and you will be prepared for the moddest party of the season!

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    Where am I able to get these costumes? I really like the 60’s costumes, but I like 80’s costumes also.

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