50s Costume – Last Minute Ideas and Tips

50s Costume – Last Minute Ideas and Tips

Whether you’re dressing for Halloween, themed party or just in the mood to look 50s, there are last minute ideas you can latch on to come up with cute 50s costumes. It all starts with what you already have in your closet. Continue reading to learn more.

50s Greaser For a Bad Boy Look

The Greaser is a popular fifties attire for mimicking a classic bad boy look. In wide range of entertainments, popular figures have portrayed this iconic outfit. Typical examples include Danny Zuko in Grease, and Fonzie in Happy Days.

So, how do you come up with the greasy costume and look? To achieve this classic 50’s look, what you need basically is a pair of jeans rolled into slight cuff at the bottoms. Then, pair it with a black leather jacket and a white t-shirt.

Of course, there’s special hairdo to complete the greasy 50s costumes and look. A slicked back hairdo with tiny curl straying down the forehead is a great hairstyle for the classic fifties greasy look. You will need a styling product and a fine tooth comb for this hairdo. Black motorcycle boots on your feet will complement this look greatly.

The Poodle Attire

Also, to create 50s costumes, you can choose to go for poodle attire, basically skirts. The attire generated its name from the pretty poodle silhouette decor on the skirt’s fabric. When you talk poodle skirt, you can’t but relate it to the 50s era.

Great idea to come up with a last minute but cute poodle skirt is to put your A-line skirt or any plain color circle skirt into work. How it works? It’s simple. Print out a poodle silhouette out on iron-on paper. The next step of course is to press it onto the plain colored or A-line skirt.

When integrating the poodle silhouette onto your skirt, the best position is towards the bottom of the skirt. You can also place it off towards the side of your skirt. For a more authentic poodle look, put on a crinoline petticoat slip under.

50s Prep Attire

Also known as preppy costumes, the prep look is contrary to the greaser look; it features cleaner and more proper appearance. For females, plain tight knee-length skirts are the staple, paired with button-down shirts and complemented with cardigans tied around the necks. Put on saddle shoes to complete the look. For inspiration, Sandy from Grease is a perfect example.

The male version of the prep 50s costumes and look can be created with chino pants that feature flat front and paired with a button-down shirt. Plain color shirts are preferred for the preppy boy look, not the print types. Wear a pair of penny loafers and cardigan to make the look complete.